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Star Wars Combine

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WELCOME to the Galactic Gaming Corp's Holosite.


You are not logged in. You will have to log in to access the features on this site. Registration is FREE. You must use your SWC handle. Credits are sent through Darkness and are added to your account balance here.


YEAR 16, DAY 249 As you may have noticed, the GGC holosite has been slowly deteriorating over the past few years. The original programmers of GGC have gone on extended hiatus in very slow capital ships, so this situation is unlikely to change for the foreseeable future. We do not wish to tarnish the reputation of the GGC for honest business, so at this time we are suspending processing of new deposits into GCC.

Existing credit balances can be withdrawn or played in the games that remain operational. We hope to be able to restart business in the future. Contact the administrator with any questions.

YEAR 11, DAY 269 In observation of four years in operation, we have ELIMINATED THE HOUSE FEE FOR DRAWS in the Holoduel arena!

YEAR 11, DAY 228 The registration script has been broken since the DAY 197 server move, so if anyone registered then, please register again.

YEAR 11, DAY 197 A server move caused some scripts on the site to break over the past few days, if you noticed anything weird with your account, contact Rand Axim.

YEAR 11, DAY 42 Inflation sucks, so we added 50 MILLION CREDITS to the Galactic Hypermatch Lottery jackpot!

YEAR 10, DAY 44 Congratulations to Ashura Harma, winner of our largest Holoduel wager yet at 1,000,000 credits!

YEAR 10, DAY 15 Congratulations to Ted Winner, who, true to his name, has amassed over 1,000,000 in winnings, which included a 500,000 cr. wager holoduel win! Also, congratulations to Rusty Dukan, who won a 500,000 cr. wager holoduel as well.

YEAR 9, DAY 172 Congratulations to Hjrool Ohr, winner of 262,370 credits from the Action Lotto Jackpot!

YEAR 9, DAY 45 GGC is back to full operations.

YEAR 9, DAY 38 Due to an error on my part, my account is suspended on the Combine server for a week. I will not be able to process deposits or withdrawals during this time, but will get to them when I return. - Rand

YEAR 8, DAY 164: SUPER Action Lotto is now online! This is just like action lotto but SUPERSIZED! Just 500 cr per ticket can win you 300,000 credits or more!

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